Engaging people

Making difference

We are passionate about creating memorable experiences through the power of technology, which drives engagement and collaboration.

Who we are?

Founded in 2019, we are inspired by helping people to be their better version, and do what they love. With MPLIFY Vietnam, we create digital solutions for people engagement that enables, facilitates and maximizes people experience.


mplify offers a one-stop-shop for events. Whether you're looking for a venue or an emcee, we've got you covered.


Through each and every experience we provide, we strive to connect, facilitate and maximize people experience and self development.

Our Core Values

We create experiences that exceed your expectations, so you leave with a lasting impression.


We continuously strive for excellence, more innovate, and sustainable solutions to maximize people experience and self development.


We aim to provide an effortless, appealing product through technology in various digital applications.


We aspire to look deeper in everything with compassion and kindness in order to bring more values to people around us.

What we can help?

Tech Solutions


We build shared matching and event platforms to connect businesses and people around the world.


Organizations can choose to customize the platforms for their specific needs.

Non-tech Solutions

Event planning

Design and consult for vent, focusing on creating great people experience:

• Concept

• Planning

• Design

Event management

Make sure the entire event will be well managed to fully deliver its objectives:

• Promote and sell events

• Vendors management

• Event running

Our Products

mplify Events

mplify Events is all-in-one digital solution for events, that makes all events easier, more attractive and engaging by connecting and engaging people. It also creates an unique digital event experience.

Our Products

Business Matching

Business Matching is a platform to connect and promote trade.

Our Products

mplify Wedding

mplify Wedding is professional wedding website develop.

Our Partners

We're proud to have partners who share our commitment to excellence

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